There are no words to express what I feel... If I had a brush, I would undoubtedly paint it.

Art has always been for me, another way of seeing the world, of questioning it.
When I decided in 2019 to devote myself to painting, I certainly needed to express things, but it was more than that. I wanted to explore my cracks, my imperfections and with them, those of our society.
I wanted to say things, but I didn't know how or where to start.
Over time my work has evolved, my speech has been refined and the dialogue that I wanted to create with you has taken place.
The goal has always been to create an emotion, whatever it may be.
But for an artist, as long as this emotion is not received, all that remains in the order of idea and the intangible.

But yesterday, during the opening of my first solo exhibition, it all became real, we met, talked and your emotion became palpable.

So first of all THANK YOU to all the people I spoke with yesterday, thank you for your words, thank you for your silences, thank you for your looks, your smiles and this shared emotion.

Thank you @luciebrc @partagedotfr and Joseph; I'm not going to repeat it - uh actually I do - I admire you so much! You carry so many things at your fingertips, you are a passionate and talented Swiss army knife, for me who grew up in Switzerland, these are not empty words! Thank you for sublimating artists with your passion, your work and your perseverance (@manuofficiel we always come back to this) and thank you for believing in me and my work from the start. I'm so happy to have experienced this first solo exhibition with you, but it couldn't be any other way!

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