Alina Schiau, (pronounced Skiaou, and she sticks to it ;)) also known under the pseudonym alina(lalala), is an artist born in Romania and welcomed as a political refugee in Switzerland.

Her initial career as an actress and graphic designer, as well as her discovery of various artistic forms, shaped her unique creativity. However, it is the history of his family, marked by the journey of political refugees, which profoundly influenced his vision of individual freedom: that of being free to make choices, to make one's voice heard and to follow one's direction. own way.

Art imposed itself on her as the natural means of expressing this freedom, exploring abstraction as a form of infinite freedom, where she found an open door to the unlimited and the multiple possibilities. Since 2019, Alina Schiau has dedicated herself entirely to her passion for visual arts, using abstraction as a means to capture eternity through her art.

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