A lover of freedom and always fascinated by innovation, Alina Schiau naturally became interested in the metaverse.
She decided to create her first digital series "NFT-WTF" using photos taken with her phone: of her daughter, of the street, but also simple screenshots... of whatever gives her an emotion.
These photos are reworked on the computer, to create a metaphor for the digital lens through which we view our lives. She questions these virtual and societal innovations: do they create a "superficial" human connection far removed from true perception, or have they altered it?

Alina, who has been exploring duality for years, decided to take her research a step further, by bringing the real world into dialogue with the metaverse and vice versa.
She then decided to create "NFT-WTF-REAL" by transferring her NFTs from "the Web" to "her canvas", and adding matter to them, in order to explore the paradoxical relationship BETWEEN technology and human interaction - BETWEEN personal and cultural memory - BETWEEN asperities and cracks in matter and human imperfections and cracks.