Alina Schiau, was born in Romania and welcomed to Switzerland as a political refugee.

Inspired by her family's history, marked by the desire for individual freedom and the choice to follow her own path, Schiau found in art a natural means of expression. Graphic designer, actress and presenter, Alina Schiau left Geneva to settle in Paris after her studies.

Her varied career in different artistic environments has shaped her unique creativity, which she now expresses through the visual arts. Coming from a family history marked by exile and the quest for freedom, Schiau has been fully committed to a quest for artistic freedom since 2019, embracing abstraction and naive art as open doors to infinity and multiple creative possibilities.

Always fascinated by duality, she explores the themes of modern society while reflecting on her personal history, through abstract painting whose intensity springs from a desire for contemporaneity. His work on color and material, rich in layers and in vision and reading, combines intellectual depth with a sensual and emotional dimension which expresses the constant duality between the creative process and the final work . Mhighlighting the beauty of imperfect and incomplete things, Schiau invites the viewer to reflect on our society or simply to smile.

Find all the videos of the process of his work here: VIDEOS MANUFACTURING SECRETS

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